Moments with Alessio


What have you been up to lately?

I have been preparing myself as best as possible here in Pozo for this upcoming summer season. Deep inside me, I never lost hope for the Canarian PWA events to happen. Now, unfortunately, and officially they are canceled. It's a pity because it will be the second consecutive year without any events on the canaries, and this gives a bit of a strange feeling to the windy summer season! However, the good thing is that I feel 100% ready for everything that has to come, hopefully on Sylt later this year.

Have you been working on any new moves?

Since some time I am focusing more on my wave riding since this has always been my weaker point during competitions. I have the feeling that my timing, style, flow, and aggressivity during bottom and top turns have improved very much. Nevertheless, this is kind of a no ending story since you can always make your riding or your turns look even better. I am also working on getting consistency with this new wave move called the Klei, which is basically a frontside 360, and while sliding backwards on the landing you turn into a taka. I am also trying to practice the goiter into taka, but for now I have not sticked any of those unfortunately, hope to be able to claim it soon out there on the water! 


What's your favorite move?

I guess it is the tweaked push loop… I don't know how many thousands of times I have done this move, but I think I'll never get tired of the sensation I feel while standing in the air upside down and in full stretch while rotating backwards. 


Quad, Tri or Twin fin setup and why?

I always stick more to Quads or Twins. What I personally don't like about tri's is that usually they make a wider bottom turn, meaning you need a bigger radius to turn your board around. I think this does not suite my way of approaching the critical part of the wave. I like to do my bottom turns as fast and as late as possible, Quads and Twins give me the possibility of making a tighter turn while carving into the wave. Choosing between Quad or Twin is hard… I guess it depends a bit on the conditions. Twins get into planing faster than quads, so this is positive for the control and comfort in choppy conditions. But while riding I feel like twins lag a bit in control and stability during bottom turns, so all in all I think my absolute favorite setup is the Quad. 


What's the main difference between your 2020 and 2021 Blacktip's?

I would say the main difference is how light and smooth they feel. I love how they unveil the excess of wind over the loose leach, making it really stable and comfortable even when the wind picks up during the session, and you start to be overpowered. 


What is style for you?

Style for me is something personal and unique that everyone of us has, and in its own way. There are better or worse, nicer or uglier styles. You can certainly work on your personal style and try to make it look as best as possible, but in the end of the day everybody has got his own way to move the body during a physical activity. 

What are your plans for the summer?

I will take advantage of the summer season here at home. It will be windy basically every day from now until September. Possibly I will be going to ride some waves in El Medano every now and then when I get tired of jumping and getting blown around on my 3,1 and 3,4.

Thanks Alessio!

Alessio Stillrich in Pozo, shot and edited by Pablo Ramirez Bolanos // Salty Drops Pictures.



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