In a new series for the news feed we have asked our customers for reviews on Simmer Style products that they have in their quiver. We call this feature - the Cold Hard Truth!

First out is the Helix 95 L, tested by Pal Odegaard and his family, Kristin, Lisa and Ola during the past 12 months in Western Australia.

Text by Pal Odegaard.

Tester: Pal, Kristin, Lisa and Ola Odegaard.

Location: Western Australia.

The Simmer Style Helix 95 – Jack of all trades !

Is there a “swiss army knive” of windsurfing boards- a board that more or less can “do it all”… we claim the Helix comes pretty darn close!

The Simmer Style Helix 95 has been the “cross-over” board for the lighter wind days during our family’s one year stay in Western Australia. The board has been a perfect supplement to the Flywave waveboards (78 & 85) which have served us very well in the waves. Looking back we certainly have a lot to thank the Helix for! First of all it has been the “go to board” for the lighter bump&jump conditions, getting us on the water when most could not get going or sit waiting patiently for the wind to pick up. Secondly it got us wave sailing several times in light wind conditions. Thirdly it got my son into a bit of freestyle and lastly it was the board my daughter (11 years old) used when planing and getting into the foot straps for the first time .

We did a quick summary on what we “really fancy” with the Helix…

The speed…

Being a cross-over board, this board surely offers a fast blast! With its rocker line from the freemove boards it accelerates very fast, “eats chops” and keeps its speed impressively well through lulls. It is fastest on a single fin set-up, but it surely also feels very quick as a thruster where it clearly has its “sweet spot” as the free-wave board it is.

The versatility...

The board really changes character with the fin selection. On a single fin we found it to be an early planing free ride joyride, while on a thruster it turns into a very turnable fun ripper.  Even if this is not a pure waveboard, we think it handles small to medium sized waves very nicely! As long as you dare to put a bit of determined force on your front foot, we found this board to really carve nicely from rail to rail! We also sailed it on flatwater in really strong winds with 4.2 and the board even loves that.

The easiness…

We all agree that the Helix is really easy to sail. It adapts very well to many different sets of conditions and hardly feels like a 95 liter board. It feels very light  and gets you going very fast, sometimes to the slalom sailors with far bigger sails frustration .. We sailed the board in shorebreak fast waves and loved how it performs in the pocket.


Convinced yet? If you need a supplement to your waveboard, or are just looking for that “one stop shop” board for bump&jump and a variety of waves, - the Helix is the very best choice you can make!


Testers: Ola and Lisa (young guns..) Kristin and Pål ( old guns..)


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