Simmer: Hi Damien, what have you been up to lately?

Damien: Hey! I’ve been training here in Tarifa for 3 weeks before we’ve been locked down because of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was great to discover this new place; it’s one of the best places I ever been for training! It’s almost windy every day. I can’t wait to ride again. But for now, I’m doing my end-of-studies internship. I’m working on designing carbon pieces, and the idea was to combine windsurfing/studies, let’s say I’ll have more free time for training then.

Simmer: How was your first year on the PWA tour?

Damien: This year was amazing; I had the chance to follow the entire World Tour. Traveling and discovering new locations was the best experience I had so far. On the course, it did not always go the right way, but sailing with the best made me progress. The level is so high that you always have to push your limit, this is what makes the racing so very exciting.

Simmer: What were your high-lights on the tour during 2019?

Damien: It took some time to find my place in the race and to adapt my sailing. But my high-lights would be Danemark event where I ranked 9th. I finally reached the semifinal, and I started to believe I could play with the best. Tomas Persson came on the last day of the event. It was great to feel his support during the event from Simmer. I think this competition is definitely my most significant achievement so far, and I’m looking forward to continuing this path!  Also, New Caledonia event has to be in my high-lights, I never traveled in such a beautiful place.

Simmer: What sort of training do you do off the water to prepare for the races?

Damien: This year, because of the intensity of the races, I understood that it’s essential to train and to be physically ready. It helps to keep pushing during the race. That’s why I’m trying to stay active by running, playing tennis, workout, etc. But the best training will always be to be on the water.

Simmer: How do you prepare your equipment before events.

Damien: As soon as I got my sail, I tuned to find the perfect trim. This year, the sails are fantastic, we made a big step forward. I have to get used a little bit to our new sail, but it doesn’t need so much setting time. It’s now the 3rd year I’m riding on Simmer Style, and I feel confident for the upcoming next events.

Simmer: Do you think foiling is the future of racing?

Damien: Foiling is excellent for our sport. It will help us to sail in light wind condition. This way, we are almost sure to make every event happen. It’s excellent for the sailor as well as for the organizers. I think it’s a real opportunity to discover new places and gain credibility. This new mix discipline will be something new we’ll have to adapt to. Foiling is very competitive up to 20 knots, and it will be interesting to see how it goes.
Simmer: What are your goals for 2020 and 2021?

Damien: My goal will be to keep progressing and try to catch the top 16. But with all the changes, nobody knows what is going to happen. But, as always, I’m going to give it all and try to do my best on each race.

Simmer: How are the 2020 SCR´s working for you?

Damien: As I said, the 2020 SCR are working super good. I’ve been surprised by the performances the first time I sailed prototype. I really think we have one of the best racing sail this year. All the changes make the sail more comfortable, with a greater wind range and top accelerations. I’m stocked to ride on Simmer in 2020, and can’t wait to show everyone how’s the gear working.

Simmer: What are your tips for avid freeracers who want to go faster?

Damien: I would say to adapt his gear to the conditions and his level. I’ve been surprised how the freerace boards/sails are fast! I tried the Simmer Monster, the performances very much the same as the slalom board, but it is much easier to go fast and to push the limits of the gear. A slalom board / sail provides better acceleration but they are much more physical so sail with. It’s all about finding best suited gear for your level.

Simmer: What are you tips for young windsurfers who want to get into slalom racing?

Damien: Competing in slalom is a great experience, whatever if it is a local or a national competition. The feeling to race with other windsurfer on the same course is unique. So I soon as you can, and you want it, grab your board and enter in a slalom race. I really hope you will enjoy it, and maybe we’ll meet each other on a course soon!

Simmer: Thanks Damien, see you on the water!


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