What an incredible weekend at the BSA event in Tenby! An event I really love for the beautiful location and the conditions it provides. Running up to this event the forecast was looking like full power racing and it did not disappoint, Saturday was one of my favourite days racing for a long time and I will remember it forever. Strong onshore winds, big rolling swell and great competition made the racing super tight and enjoyable, I was using the 7.0m SCR and the 116l 3XS and it was blisteringly quick on the straights but where it shone the most was in the gybes, I had no troubles finding gaps and squeezing it with speed at the marks and gave me a huge advantage on the course.

The first elimination of the day I qualified in 2nd which felt good, but the final was one I will never forget. I started in the middle with good speed, came into the mark with the pack but saw a small gap on the inside, cranked the board onto its rail and did what was quite possibly one of the best gybes of my life, going from 4th to 1st was incredible, from then I kept the lead comfortably until the last gybe where I had a bit of a wobble on the gybe (probably from the pressure the guys behind were putting me on) but kept upright and managed to win my first ever British slalom race! 

The second final I made a mistake with my watch and goofed the start so I was fighting from the back, but again strong gybes really gave me a lot of confidence so I fought back up to 3rd place which put me on equal points with 1st place (James Dinsmore) after day one.

Day 2 was a lot lighter wind, I took the 8.6m and 136l which is one of my favourite combinations at the moment. I thought I would qualify with ease but instead of gybing safe and just trying to qualify I wanted to win my qualifiers mostly for my ego (something I need to work on) which meant I pushed a bit too hard and crashed a gybe….. Not what I was expecting. Luckily my speed was insanely good and I pushed back and managed to qualify.

The final was a complete clown fiesta and I loved every second of it. I nearly missed the start so yet again I was fighting from the back but this time it was an advantage as the two riders closest to me overall crashed with another rider and got stuck in some kind of twisted windsurfing conga line, leaving the door wide open for everyone else. All I had to do was finish in front of James Dinsmore to win the event and as he was stuck I managed that and took the event win! 

The event was a tonne of fun and It was really nice to see Farrel Oshea there as the event sponsor and bring the win home for Simmer! Now its time to look forward to the last event of the season for me Weymouth speed week and plan my 2020 season which I’m very excited for!

Thanks to Dave White for taking photos of this event!

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