The story of the Fly V4.

No board in the Simmer lineup has ever had such a long and complex development history as the Fly V4.

It was finished in collaboration with Marc Paré and the end product is a perfect adaption to his style and power.

But som of the genes of this board goes way back. The rocker goes back to my original freewave thruster design, conceived in 2011 or so. By coincidence, me and Kai Katchadourian ended up having our only day in common on Maui that  season on a day when many of the reefs closed out. The normally mellow Kanaha was a mast and a half high beast. We had decided to test our freewave proto and some competitors boards. Needless to say, it was the wrong type of day for a freewave, but both of us noted that the our design behaved supremely at the super high wave riding speeds.

Some years later Kai was visiting my friend Markus Boman, playing some drums, and we were drawing up the lines for his Peahi (aka Jaws) board. Recalling our crazy Kanaha session on the Freewave, we  returned to this rocker and but put it in a much narrower and more drawn out outline with a long and stable tail. This board is still servicing Kai when Peahi breaks.

Some years later still, Kai wanted to put the same rocker in a more Hookipa style board. This we did, using the Fly V3 outline and the internal name of this board was the Ahi. It was at this point that I also designed the Cortex, which is a short tail, short nose version of the same rocker, albeit with some extra v. Kai loved the board and we made some sizes that were passed around to team riders, like Marc and Ben Proffitt with the intention of sending this board into production if they liked it. They did, but something was still missing.

On Cabo Verde Kai experimented with a 92 with a shorter tail, that really performed well. This was the point in time when Marc and med started to work on a new board for him. Before, we had made some customs based on design with more rocker, but now he wanted something fast. Knowing both the Cortex and the Ahi proto, Marc was excited to try out this rocker in some alternative outline. He wanted a bit more drawn out nose outline and together we decided on a design with a shorter tail. From the Cortex we brought over the winger design, which both gives the board some extra squirt in the end of the bottom turn and makes it super solid in a high power top turn carve.  We tuned the rails to be rather thin and that was it. The first proto, an 85,  was instantly loved by Marc and everyone else that tried it. He still rides it at times. From there we developed the other sized and that’s it.

The Fly V4 is one of those boards that people rave about regardless of skill level. It’s a top level ripper, but also extremely versatile. I think the success of this board has a lot to do with its complex development history. Every development stage fed something new and exciting into the board. Check out Marc’s story to hear more!

Ola Helenius
Simmer Style Board designer


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