We are proud to announce that our star athlete, Marc Paré E-334 has assembled a pro youth team of promising young windsurfers at his local beach, Gen Roses - the MPR Simmer Style Team. Marc’s ambitions is to mentor these enthusiastic young athletes to become the next generation of world cup competitors and doing so showing the local community just how much fun windsurfing is. The MPR Simmer Style Team will be coached by Marc Paré himself and other highly skilled windsurfers to develop their skills, learning everything about windsurfing equipment and how to tune it. Regular competitions will also be part of the schedule, so the team can practice and develop their competition tactics. 

We at Simmer Style are proud to be part of the program and be able to support these upcoming stars with the equipment they need to reach their full potential, and have all the fun in the world doing so. It's inspiring to see the work that Marc Paré is doing with the next generations. 

Since we started the team 6 weeks ago, the kids have really improved a lot and they are super pumped very time we hit the water, wanting to improve their sailing and push each other to go faster, gybe better and so on. It's great to see them so hooked on windsurfing. I'm looking forward to keep on pushing the team's progression. 
- Marc Paré

The MPR Simmer Style Team riders are:  
David Batlle, Marc Hernández, Guillem Berta, Arnau Caro, Sara Coll, y Gerard Herruzo.

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