The Godzilla is a high performance light wind freerace /  GPS board designed for the real world rider.

The concept is basic: control = speed.

The Godzilla sets itself apart from both Monster boards not only by its width, but also by its extra step in the tail. This additional step helps to release and support in gusts which could otherwise generate a tail walk. It rides high on the water which creates a lively feel but not at the expense of control. The Godzilla has great passive planing characteristics. It feels loose and efficient, which is important when riding with larger sails. Like the other boards experimenting with the set-up can be very rewarding as there isn’t a real sweetspot for the mastfoot position, sail size or fin size/type.

These cross steps are pointed forward. The front steps mark a clear break with the middle section and release the water flow. This helps to start planing over the front foot and the cross steps contribute to a relaxed ride.  While entering a gybe a higher speed can be maintained as the step grips itself into the water and gives control through high speed turns. At the exit of the gybe the rider can put his feet and/or weight forward and rely on the excellent planing characteristics of the front section at lower speeds. Acceleration is smooth but extreme with the right technique. The steps will support any rider from amateur up until PWA pros to increase overall gybing speed.

These cross steps are pointed backward and help release the water flow at higher speeds. Effectively, there is less pressure on the fin. The back cross steps support the hull at high speed. When a gust hits, the board finds its own balance point by leaning on the back step. Lighter riders will experience a lot more control at high speeds compared to normal boards when a gust hits. When gybing the back steps function as thruster fins. The board never loses grip and the steps take over some of the work a fin normally has to do.


15024085Race 46Tuttlebox7.0-11.0 


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