The Simmer Freewave is a high performance board that offers a fun and effective ride in a huge spectrum of conditions. It is equally good for blasting on a lake as for busting jumps and riding waves. The Freewave is a easy board to sail, which makes the perfect choice to get into wave sailing with. It can also be tuned to perform in more radical conditions.

The Freewave is designed to work with a variety of fin setups and is delivered with a freewave single fin and a tri fin set. With a single fin, the board is a classic freewave performer with a perfect blend of liveliness and smoothness whether blasting, turning or jumping. With the dedicated tri fin surf style fin kit the board becomes a powerful fast wave performer that combines amazing upwind and planing performance with an ability to handle waves from small onshore slop to serious sideshore overhead lips. With optional twin or quad fin sets, looseness and performance in better waves is enhanced even further.

- Fast rocker curves, with curvatures designed to give better turning in tri fin mode and more speed in single fin mode.

- Smooth outlines for predictability when pushed hard in turns.

- Wider outlines with comparatively narrow tails for snappy turns and control through chop.

- V design with v-flow designed to increase the rocker closer to the rails.

- Double concave for a smooth ride though chop and for grippy turns, but with a flatter section beween the straps for a livelier ride.

- Tri fin slot box positions optimized together with rocker and outlines to give unmatched wave board like performance in true tri fin mode.


7822956.82 x BT130 + 1 x BT140 or World wave 2204 x slot box + 1 x US box4.0-5.6 
8523358.82 x BT130 + 1 x BT150 or World wave 2604 x slot box + 1 x US box4.2-6.2 
9523560.52 x BT140 + 1 x BT150 or World wave 2804 x slot box + 1 x US box4.5-6.7 
105237642 x BT140 + 1 x BT170 or World wave 3004 x slot box + 1 x US box4.7-7.5 


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